Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Performed in Sofar Vancouver

Tim Bettinson is a 19-year-old Australian who chose Vancouver Sleep Clinic as his project name because, as he told online publication Tomatrax, "When I first starting writing for this project, I felt like it could be the type of atmospheric music that people could fall asleep to." As for the Vancouver bit, he picked that because "it looks like a beautiful place". He grew up listening to his dad's Eagles and Fleetwood Mac records but the Eureka! moment when he realized modern pop didn't just speak to him but instructed him directly to go out and make music himself came when he heard Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago and Sigur Ros' Valtari. Vancouver Sleep Clinic will be playing alongside Daughter at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on November 25th.

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Tuesday, 05 July 2022
Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine
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