Uni Ika Ai

Performed in Sofar NYC

Uni Ika Ai [pronounced: oo­-nee ee­kuh eye] is a new Brooklyn based dream­pop / art­pop band comprised of music veterans Maia Friedman (Bobby, Toebow), Peter Lalish (Lucius, Elizabeth & The Catapult), Tom Deis (Via Audio), and Dan Drohan. Born in 2014 out of a desire for improvisation and experimentation, Uni Ika Ai are set to release their debut full length album in early October. While on tour with Lucius in 2014, Lalish would record improvised snippets made during sound checks and email them to Friedman, who would send improvised snippets recorded at home in Brooklyn, in return. The two musicians, once in the same room, would mold the abstract material into fully formed songs. Keeping A Golden Bullseye In The Corner of My Mind, releasing in early October, finds beauty in perfect doses of peace and chaos and far exceeds the sum of its parts.”

Videos by Uni Ika Ai