Tommy Haug

Performed in Sofar Friedrichshafen

Tommy Haug is a German singer and songwriter, who performs along his bandmate Phil Häsuler (Cajon). To get the attention of the audience a big equipping and distortion isn’t always required. With just one acoustic guitar, Tommy’s voice and rhythmic backing he delights his audience with pure and authentic live music. He’s a young musician with charm, passion and the needed professionalism and sovereignty. As well the fun is also not missed out. Today’s life can’t be imagined without music and in times of electronics, pure live music gets more and more less common. Therefore Tommy Haug goes back the roots and deliver his message – he rocks, touches and affects his audience with minimum equipping. With his selfwritten songs Tommy Haug embodies energy, passion and emotions. His debut album ’Hope’ will be released 2017. With appearances at the legendary Europa-Park in Rust, Milaneo in Stuttgart, Biker-Days in Pfullendorf and so much more, he can call the stage his home already. Tommy Haug is going to make a musical journey through Europe to present his debut album ’Hope’.

Videos by Tommy Haug