The Sad Song Co.

Performed in Sofar Oxford

The Sad Song Co. is the solo project of Nigel Powell, who released his third album 'In Amber' this summer. It is a rare treat to have Nigel come and play a special intimate sofar set - his first solo set since 2008. To quote Nightshift "Nigel Powell is a busy man. Having been on the local scene since the early 1990s, originally with The Purple Rhinos and then Unbelievable Truth, in more recent times he’s been drummer with Frank Turner’s Sleeping Souls, playing 200 or so gigs a year (plus all the rehearsing and recording in between tours), as well as part of Dive Dive. Hence he doesn’t get much spare time to write and record his own solo music, which is why `In Amber’ is only his third album under his Sad Song Co. guise since 2003, and his first in nine years.... The ultimately victory for `In Amber’ is the way all the meticulous musicianship is never allowed to be anything more than a springboard for the strong melodies; emotion wins over technicality pretty much all the time. Sad songs indeed, but ones to make your heart swell."

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