The Oblations

Performed in Sofar Raleigh / Durham

The Oblations are a one of a kind two-man Blues/Funk band by Joe MacPhail (drums and keys simultaneously, vocals) and Daniel Fields (guitar, vocals). The resulting sound is that of a three or four piece, as Joe imitates a rhythm section, or plays a piano and bass part while keeping time with his feet. Daniel is multifaceted, with a mastery of both fingerstyle and slide guitar, and a host of evolving tones. There are many genres and musical ideologies at play, but the foundation of The Oblations comes from Blues music, the first true American musical form, and its various forms through history. Daniel and Joe tell their own stories from the thread of American music, and just like in life, the same story is never told the same way twice. They cut the difference between songcraft and improvisation, with covers from Howlin' Wolf to Outkast. You will dance and have a fun time, and the deeper you listen the more you will be rewarded.

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