The Man Motels

Performed in Sofar Cape Town

After a gut-wrenching break-up, a few years ago; The Man Motels are reborn with a more mature and tastier sound than before. Early in 2017, frontman and guitarist, Garrith Holloway, began writing some new songs that boasted bigger breaks and lyrics filled with more raw and authentic meaning. Garrith knew that the time had come to reform the band and get back on the South African music scene. The Man Motels reincarnate include Lyle Aspeling (bass guitar) and Pierre Horne (drums). The new trio from Cape Town emanate the grit and attitude of a strong independent band that have an unquenchable thirst to create music to get fans moving – physically and emotionally. This inconceivable collective delivers memorable performances that leaves audiences yearning for more.

No videos are available yet for The Man Motels