The Good Graces

Performed in Sofar Atlanta

Singer, songwriter, and drummer-turned-guitarist Kim Ware of the Good Graces is known for her unique brand of raw, folk-leaning “southern indie” music. Performing with a rotating cast of musicians, Ware has been crafting tracks with both guts and heart since picking up her first guitar in 2006. She’s one of those rare artists whose melodic lines and candid lyrics feel so natural they’re almost unnatural; she’s been praised as a “songwriter’s songwriter” as well as “an Atlanta treasure” by local musicians and press alike. Named after Ware’s spirited grandmother, Grace, the Good Graces blend the gritty realness of 90s-era alternative rock with the straightforward charm of classic country and folk, inspired by artists like Lucinda Williams, Liz Phair, Kathleen Edwards, and Lydia Loveless. There’s an irresistibly relatable humanity to Ware’s music, which seems to transcend masculine and feminine perspectives to create an accessible, gender-neutral tone: She’s part Taylor Swift, part Joni Mitchell, with a little John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats thrown in for good measure. Driven by Ware’s knack for deceptively simple narrative lines, the Good Graces make songs that explore life’s unresolvable dichotomies through lyrics that feel both intimate and universal. “I’ve always tried to make my songs a very honest reflection of who I am. But what part of life fits neatly in a box? Life is not a simple thing. So I often end up writing about that non-simplicity.”

No videos are available yet for The Good Graces