Tess Guthrie

Performed in Sofar Gold Coast and Melbourne

Tess Guthrie cut her teeth as a singer/songwriter playing in local venues and music festivals along the beaches of the Surf Coast and is now based in Melbourne. Tess uses her powerful voice to tell raw and relatable stories, combining intimate moments with catchy melodies, drawing you in with her disarmingly honest lyrics. Tess gained attention on the Surf Coast winning the Apollo Bay Music Festival’s young songwriters award in 2011. After performing at Queenscliff music festival her writing for roots/pop group Square One landed the high school band in the top ten for Triple J’s Unearthed High Competition. Since moving to Melbourne her music has been emboldened with the uptake of electric guitar and increasingly political themes. In July 2018 Tess released a live video of the ‘Dickhead song’ - a pep talk to help empower women in abusive relationships. After it was viewed over 23K times and featured on feminist platforms, Tess completed the Push Songs program and then flew to the Gold Coast to record a number of tracks with All Our Friends Music. Her first single, 'WUTO' was released in March 2019. It was featured in a number of music publications before charting on Triple J Unearthed and receiving airplay on Triple J Radio in both April and July. The 'WUTO' single launch tour spanned 10 East Coast dates including a sold-out hometown show at the Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne. Tess is geared to release her next single 'Fairy Lights' which examines rape culture and internalised victim-blaming.

Videos by Tess Guthrie