Tasche De La Rocha

Performed in Sofar New Orleans

Tasche de la Rocha is a singer-songwriter and guitarist currently based in New Orleans, LA. Tasche grew up in a family full of musicians and performers, and has been on stage since age seven. With a background in directing and performing in vaudevillian shows, Ms. de la Rocha is a trained vocalist who has been playing guitar for over 10 years. Her music is a dreamy mix of soul, blues, and jazz, with a unique personal style that will transport you to another time and place, while still lacing in threads of modern flare. Tasche is inspired by greats such as Billie Holliday, Leonard Cohen, and Edith Piaf as well as her ever-changing musical community full of friends from around the world. Ms. de la Rocha has toured the United States many times over as well as Europe for the first time in summer 2015. After over a year of hard work, Tasche’s debut album Gold Rose is set for release in December 2016.

Videos by Tasche De La Rocha