Tart Vandelay

Performed in Sofar Rochester

With a name inspired by a classic Seinfeld reference, the sonic importer/exporters known as Tart Vandelay began as a duo featuring musical couple Martin LoFaso and Katie Halligan. The two met while studying music in their hometown of Rochester, NY, and they began dating in 2011. After transferring schools and moving to Boston, MA, the couple began collaborating musically and officially formed Tart Vandelay in the summer of 2014. Together, LoFaso and Halligan combine a variety of musical genres to create their own unique style of fun, eclectic, soul-searching Indie rock. In May 2015, they moved back to Rochester, NY and began performing full-time as a duo, featuring Martin on guitar/vocals and Katie on vocals/looping station/ukulele. During their first official year as a group, Tart Vandelay managed to perform throughout the northeast, gaining exposure in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Canada. After performing alongside a number of bands, the duo eventually began working with a rhythm section from a local band of similar interests. Tart Vandelay officially added Stephen Petoniak on bass guitar and Christopher Dubuc-Penney on drums in May 2016. The four-piece band began performing around the Rochester, NY area that summer. By September 2016, Tart Vandelay released their debut E.P. entitled Frontier Pioneer, which offers “a shimmer, a brief moment, into another realm. A quick glimpse of paradise. Like a good dream, making you wish you could experience more.” – Rochester Insomniac Magazine. The band continues to perform throughout the northeast/Great Lakes region. Currently, Tart Vandelay is in the process of recording their first full-length album, to be released in summer 2017.

Videos by Tart Vandelay