Tarek Ghriri

Performed in Sofar Toronto

Palestinian Syrian Musician , based in Toronto ,Guitar Flamenco performer , teacher and composer . With over 18 years of experience in performing at concerts and festivals across the Levant and 10 years of teaching music, Tarek merges his passion for Flamenco music with his Arab origin in creating a unique blend of two musical worlds. , participate in many concerts and festivals between Syria like ( Damascus international festival ) , Lebanon like ( @Masrah Al Madina , Radio Beirut and Metro Al Madina Theaters ) also Toronto ( Tablao Flamenco Toronto, Isabel Bader Theatre (U of T Campus) with Canadian Arabic Orchestra , Duende Flamenco Festival Aga Khan Museum and the Festival of Arabic Music and Arts, kultrún world music festival and Tirgan festival .Worked with many music school between Syria , Lebanon and Toronto .

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