Sweet Sunny Side

Performed in Sofar Rotterdam, Sofia, Copenhagen and Amsterdam

“What’s your job?” “We’re musicians” “No, no... I mean... What’s your real job?” Making your own passion a REAL job is an everyday challenge if you want to prove that music is a big deal. So there goes the need to travel, to write, to listen to new music, to be enriched by every single experience. And this is what Sweet Sunny Side are doing. Sweet Sunny Side is a Soul Band founded in 2017 by Sole e Zak Hinegk, both from Verona, Italy. The band has been playing concerts in northern Italy, and touring Germany, Austria and the UK, covering the biggest soul classics like Stevie Wonder’s and Aretha Franklin’s and performing original songs as well. In 2019 they’ve recorded their debut album “Dr. Foolgood” that contains three acoustic tracks recorded at Abbey Road Studios. In 2020 they moved to London to live an authentic music experience, to be inspired by it and to write new stuff.

Videos by Sweet Sunny Side