Performed in Sofar NYC and Los Angeles

Singer-songwriter, Adrianna “Ryélle” Ryles discovered her passion formusic at the young age of 4, finding inspiration in some of the greats of the 90s - Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Tamia, and Mariah Carey. By high school the young songstress found solace in the arts program, which further fueled her passions. After attending NYU for graduate school, she fell into a career in Digital Marketing working in-house and externally for companies such as Atlantic Records, BET, NBC Universal, HBO, and iHeartRadio. Ryélle saw success with her debut release “Swim” which is a bass/drum heavy R&B jam produced by Dreamville producer KQuick and written by the songstress herself. The heavy drums combined with her power vocals and distinct tone creates a unique sound unlike any other record. The single has been featured in Cosmopolitan’s, The Braid Up hair tutorial, earning over 17 million views on Facebook alone. Ryélle’s latest release “Last Call” is a cautionary tale of a drunken lover trying to reach their significant other with no success. With a Marvin’s Room kind of vibe, she describes a plethora of feelings as the night goes on. Be careful “not to mix Love and Liquor...” she sings. Last Call is the first single off her EP expected to drop later this year.

No videos are available yet for Ryelle