Performed in Sofar Breda, Leiden and Utrecht

Rubah; a musical collaboration between singer Roxane Clijsen and producer & musician Bram Schouw. They have worked together in Theatre where they made musical plays together.It tasted for more, and there was a need to build together on a new performance. The two gingers spend time in the studio and Rubah was born. Rubah ; fox in Indonesian. They both have roots there and their ginger hair has the same colour as the fox. The fox is always on the hunt. In this case, on a hunt for a new sound. De lyrics and melody’s are from Roxane and is wrapped up by the sounds of Bram. They use vocal loops, drumcomputers, synthesizers but also non conventional instruments to get their sound. Electronic beats, raw and a bit dark sound mixed with Soulful melodious vocal lines makes the music overall intense. Triphop meets soul, an somewhere in between. Rubah prowls between the border of theatre and music concert. A performance you cannot ignore and commands your attention. Elusive but catchy till the last second.

Videos by Rubah