Royko Passage

Performed in Sofar Bratislava

We started the band in 2004 in Bratislava, but after two years we relocated it to London, while Simon stayed at home. Got some new drummers and played there, but it just didn’t work out. Then the band took a break. At the end of 2010, David moved back for good to Slovakia and we decided to do one concert around Christmas . It was pure joy, playing together, like in old times. We never really recorded anything (except some demos) as a band until this fall, so we booked a studio, Matyi came back for three weeks and without rehearsing or playing, we recorded our first LP. It contains rearranged older songs and brand new songs as well. For us, it’s not just an album. It’s everything we’ve been through in the past 6-7 years…

Videos by Royko Passage