Rikke Normann

Performed in Sofar Oslo

Rikke Normann is a modern singer-songwriter with a soulful voice and solid pop-backbone. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, She needs nothing more than a piano to attract your attention and pierce the heart of the listener, with her way of talking about feelings. There’s a genuine vulnerability in Rikke’s voice which is rare in music today. A great songwriter with quite the vocal range and presence, she’s dynamic and keeps you on your toes, not knowing what comes next. Rumor has it she’s Norway’s best kept musical secret. In Feb (2019) Rikke Normann released her third album “35”. Recorded live, one-take-straight through, the album received great reviews both at home and abroad, earning her the reputation as a songwriter and artist to look out for. The album was described as bold and refreshing with it’s raw, unpolished sound, and sent Rikke out on a National “living room tour” playing 45 gigs in 12 weeks, traveling and organizing everything her self. Her self-penned mini-classics are personal observations and inner monologues. She writes about emotional worries we all have but don’t like to admit, about insecurities, feeling different, and trying to accepting who you are, no matter who that is. Musically driven by great songs of all genres, she especially loves Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, Erykah Badu and Lady Gaga. Rikke’s is a voice of variation much needed in the world today. Her music is refreshing, serious without being too serious, and playful. Just like Rikke her self. On stage, on tape, in life.

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