Rhythm Shaw

Performed in Sofar Bombay

Rhythm Shaw is a 21 year old guitarist who, hailed as a child prodigy at the age of 8, garnered substantial national television coverage, as well as phenomenal feedback from his audiences through his school and college years. A single-minded artist, aiming to perpetually progress his skills, he has since been practicing on the guitar upwards of 14 hours a day. Along with such unparalleled dexterity on his primary instrument of choice, the guitar, Rhythm is also a multi-instrumentalist, with abilities to enthral audiences on the tabla, where he’d started his musical journey, training in hindustani classical music. His skills on the acoustic guitar, are further amplified on the electric guitar, with his mastery of various effects processing rigs. This nuanced understanding of his instrument coupled with a prodigious technical proficiency has him presently at the acme of musicality with styles ranging from jazz, metal, and progressive rock to the massive experimental soundscapes in between. Rhythm’s artistic development has been supplemented massively with collaborations with the an extraordinaire caliber of musicians that have been a part of it. Legendary musicians like A.R. Rahman, Gino Banks and Zakir Hussain, who for generations to come would passively shape music, in its techniques and theoretical interpretations, have actively moulded this prodigious virtuoso to be the best one can be at their instrument.

Videos by Rhythm Shaw