Performed in Sofar Washington D.C.

My bestfriend likes to tell the story of the time when we walked into the wrong birthday party at McDonald’s when I was 15. Before we left, she suggested that I sing happy birthday for the birthday girl since we were already there. I always loved to sing, but I was always shy. Anyways I attempted to sing happy birthday and the reaction that I got after was overwhelming astonishment. Since then my shyness with singing started to falter. I’m Rama Osman, I’m a 22 year old RnB/Soul artist. Being from Egypt and having a cultural background where artistry and expressionism is overlooked, I’ve struggled but overcame the resistance to pursue music. On my new journey as a singer/songwriter, I enjoy challenging myself vocally and creating new sounds that express my deepest thoughts and feelings. My goal is to relate to the world on my own wave and provide an outlet for kids going through what I go through to be able to also overcome their own obstacles.

No videos are available yet for Rama