Oswald Mac

Performed in Sofar Sydney

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Oswald Mac is a troubadour that mixes influences to create equal parts coastal reflections, train track blues and back road mountain wanderings. Having played in multiple bands over the years, 2015 was the year Oswald Mac went searching for a sound. The result was a launch in early 2016 at The Batch Sessions that has inspired current recording sessions that should see the release of two EP’s towards the end of 2016. Slowly building a live reputation around town his music contains smatterings of Blues, Country and Soul delivered with a healthy dose of heartbreak and humour. Acting on a desire to bring his vision to life and to explore a connection that is too often ignored. It’s the kind of music that softens the blow of coming to terms with the existential horror of existence.

Videos by Oswald Mac