Olivier Cong 逸天

Performed in Sofar Hong Kong

Olivier Cong 逸天 During the period of least self-actualized, he wrote his first song “Searching for the Raven”. Reminding him the way of a leaf in the wind, only stages in life yet there was never right nor wrong. He then went around playing his songs to drunken people at the pubs. Occasionally receiving a few head nods from here and there. 生於12月的江逸天似乎也感染著寒冬沈鬱的氣息,終日思想著人生是甚麼。這股無處抒發的感情在留學英國的時候成為了“Searching for the raven”,同時也燃點了唱作的慾望。創作風格以民搖、藍調及另類搖滾影響為主。現在不時帶著結他在酒吧裡演唱,尋找著會為他而閉上眼、竪起耳的人。

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