Nikki's Wives

Performed in Sofar NYC

With humble beginnings in the underground scene, within a year Nikki’s Wives have gone from rehearsals in a split basement to headlining sold-out Victoria’s Secret parties. Their growing reputation for seductive performances has drawn the acclaim of multi-platinum artists (CeeLo Green, Aaron Carter, She Wants Revenge), establishing the trio as in-demand creatives who freely bend genre barriers. The group’s most recent songwriting collaboration, “Show Me”, was hand-selected by Tiësto for release on his record label, garnering millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube. Nikki’s Wives speaks with a rare honesty, and struts with a style coloured by haute fashion and grime. If these sudden successes are any indication, Nikki's Wives are on the verge of a breakthrough to the national stage.

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