Nadje Noordhuis & James Shipp

Performed in Sofar NYC

Combining cinematic sweep, transportive emotion, and rich melodic grandeur, Australian-born trumpeter/composer Nadje Noordhuis possesses one of the most unforgettably lyrical voices in modern music. Her deeply-felt, clarion tone and evocative compositional gift meld classical rigor, jazz expression, and world music accents into a sound that is distinctively her own. ( ** James Shipp has been part of the New York City creative music scene since the beginning of this century. He plays a wide range of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments from around the world, keyboards and analog synthesizers, and sings when asked. James currently appears regularly with singer/songwriter Jean Rohe in various projects, as well as with Anat Cohen's Tentet, Banda Magda, Max Pollak's Rumbatap, Christina Courtin's band, and various jazz ensembles large and small. (

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