Minor Moon

Performed in Sofar Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Boston, Washington D.C. and NYC

Dread-laced and hopeful, meticulous and ecstatic - the music of Chicago based Minor Moon dances with contradictions. With a palette that leans heavily on folk rock and alt-country styles and instrumentation, bandleader and songwriter Sam Cantor wrestles together something altogether different, with songs that slip through the hold of well-worn definitions and expectations. The band's latest single, Sacrificial Animal, is a guitar-driven spirit journey centering around the juxtaposed images of a ritual animal sacrifice and an unkempt apartment. Singer/songwriter Sam Cantor's dusky lyrics float in and out of major licks and dramatic pauses, stopping to reflect at the song's moment of greatest potency: “Maybe I feel betrayed by the holy and the profane.” Minor Moon is set to release their second full length album in early 2019.

Videos by Minor Moon