Matt Phillips

Performed in Sofar Chicago, Washington D.C., Raleigh / Durham, NYC, Oxford, Philadelphia and Norfolk

Matt comes from a long line of southern preachers, but he left his faith behind in pursuit of a wider perspective. Born in North Carolina to a nurse & a psychologist, his lyrics are evocative & autobiographical, alluding to American history, transcendentalist literature, & notes from psych 101. With a classic Fender & a dynamic duo of amps in tow, he sounds like an old man trapped in a young body. In his 24 short years, he's spent countless hours in front of a crowd - from the North Carolina Boys Choir & street corner acoustic sets to session guitar work in blues, funk, and Latin music. Matt will tell you the hardest truths in the sweetest way: “I must be onto something, ‘cause I smile when I play the blues.”

Videos by Matt Phillips