Performed in Sofar NYC and Boston

Mandala began when Abe Azab met Morgan Fasanelli at Kennedy High in Waterbury, Connecticut. They soon discovered that by using music as an outlet for the situations they faced in their own lives, they could create a musical experience that would resonate with listeners from all backgrounds. After being homeless at the age of 17, Abe became close as ever with Morgan when he moved into her guest bedroom the summer before he went to college. Morgan saved her friend from a tight situation, and this brought new light and motivation to the music that they had already been creating. The two went on spending endless hours perfecting their songwriting together. Soon, the aspiring songwriters would begin developing the sound that is mandala. 
 By using these experiences in their songwriting, mandala creates powerful music that influences their listeners to experience the world from their perspective; human rights, love, loss, confidence, struggle and hope are themes they conquer within their music. Their tightness within their interpersonal lives binds them together both on, and off stage, presenting a chemistry to the audience that is evident beyond the performance. 
 mandala consists of driven poets, talented musicians, songwriters, storytellers, and friends. Together, they are on a mission to create an experience through their music by telling their story. 
 peace n love mandala.

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Saturday, 26 June 2021
Hamden, CT, US
Space Ballroom