Lyric Michelle

Performed in Sofar Chicago and NYC

Houston rapper, Lyric Michelle, pays homage to the south while infusing an array of elements; fusing southern charm, a touch of poetry and a blast of ferocious lyricism to deliver a sound that is uniquely her own. Initially getting her start in poetry, in time it would be music that would steal her heart, as she smoothly transitioned from penning prose to spitting bars. For Lyric the transition was not only smooth, it was natural. Or as she describes it, “Hip Hop is poetry. Think of Pac,Jay Z, Lupe, Lauryn. Hip hop and poetry are different sides of the same coin.” To follow her last release MissDirection which was named the # 1 Houston album of the year by The Houston Chronicle and voted Best Lyricist. Lyric has now released two new singles, "BootStraps" and "free thoughts freestyle" while she gets ready to drop her new project For Lyric, it's about representation. "I just want to tell my story, good and bad.

Videos by Lyric Michelle