Ludvig Moon

Performed in Sofar Oslo

Ludvig Moon started off as a solo-act in 2012 by Anders Magnor Killerud, a former member of the norwegian grammy winning band «Team Me». Inspired by acts like Sufjan Stevens, Flaming Lips, Radiohead among others, the 6 piece Oslo based band of warm hearted friends and emotional alt-rockers mix melancholia with positive vibrations in their music, recently described as «Small Scale Epic» by The Line of Best Fit. They did their first release with a self-titled EP in 2014 after signing with the norwegian label «Riot Factory». Followed by two years of touring Norway and working with new music, the band is released their 11-track debut album, «KIN»,October 14th 2016, co-produced by Sjur Lyseid and Kenneth Isak. The first single and music video from the album, «Cult Baby», was given heavy rotation on norwegian radio when released in April 2016, making a serious re-entering to the norwegian indie-pop scene as one of the most exciting indie bands in Norway.

Videos by Ludvig Moon