Lucy Spraggan

Performed in Sofar Liverpool

Lucy Spraggan wants to write songs for you. For the person next to you in the bar. Your better half. Her better half. Spraggan writes songs spotlighting the regulars in bars, except her bar is the world. The English singer-songwriter spends most of her time looking outward, paying attention to the people sitting next to her on the train, in coffee shops. These are the characters who populate her songs, spread over the course of four albums and condensed into the upcoming compilation Introducing Lucy Spraggan, 12 tracks of peppy folk pop that capture the human condition. “That’s what I want to capture: the human experience,” she says. “Waking up, being alive, having to work a job that maybe you love, maybe you don't’ like. I want to write songs for all of those people.” This accessible folk pop with an alternative edge is something you’d hear on Top 40 radio with the likes of Ed Sheeran or, if it were a decade prior, Kate Nash. Rife with sprightly acoustic guitar and moving piano lines, Spraggan’s catalogue has wide appeal. With an eye for minute moments and a knack for wordplay in the vein of Courtney Barnett, Spraggan employs a keen observational style in her lyrics, a talent that’s earned her four UK Top 40 albums and multiple tours across the UK and Europe already. Currently working on her fifth full-length, due out in 2019, Spraggan continues to focus on the world around her. During a trip to the United States, she met a woman named Connie in a Northern Florida bar. “This woman started talking about her life and I basically wrote this whole song about Connie,” Spraggan says. “I got my friend who lives in Florida to take that song via CD to Connie’s bar and gave it to her to listen to. I went there two months ago and she said ‘Lucy!’ and to all the people in the bar she’s like, ‘That’s the girl who wrote Connie’s Bar!’” It’s exchanges like this Spraggan lives for. “I love hearing about people.”

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