Louis DeCicco

Performed in Sofar Brescia

Louis DeCicco (real name Luigi De Cicco), born on May 5th many years ago, still alive. I 've played blues since the first time my hand picked up a guitar: since then I got only but problems that tended to increase after my Bachelor degree in literature. This time was characterized by the discovery of jazz-music, pizza-fritta and menage-a-trois. I began to attend several masterclasses held by the so-called maestro:(I gotta say, nobody knows its plural : maestri...) they gave me some knowledge about the music, but no one told me about earning money WITH music, which is a pity really. Anyway, I was in Naples at that time and I loved the city so much, my friends were generous with me, every day was God's blessing, so I immediately decided to move to another city. In Berlin I achieved success in the following things: - forget all the things I learned from the previous life - quit smoking - enrolling on a physical-theater course changing name and... no, I don't have that shitty photo of me in front of Berlin wall where Breznev kisses Honecker.

Videos by Louis DeCicco