Los Poetas

Performed in Sofar Toronto

Led by park bench philosopher Louwop, Afantu, supported by DJ Grouch and backed by Multi-instrumentalists who bring Los Poetas blend of Boom Bap Era Hip Hop with Andean & Afro-Indigenous sounds to life. Los Poetas represent the migration of music and poetry brought as gifts from immigrants and refugees to cities such as Toronto, Canada. Drawn together by their shared immigrant experience, fuelled by the desire to celebrate their Latinx heritage, driven by passion for Hip Hop, and empowered by their community, Los Poetas bridge the gap between first and second generation Latinx migrants. 2017 marked the release of their EP Cartas Vol 1, an even deeper exploration of the poetic, homespun storytelling style of their homelands, with a touch of Hip-Hop swagger. Musically tracks like “Tronco” “Come Together” and “No Vales” reach street-street-level neck breaking anthem status while still deeply immersed in hip shaking tropical rhythms and slow boleros and Andean folk. Like the poets whose words first painted the social and political landscape of Latin America, Los Poetas lyrically capture life’s beauty, intensity, anguish and hope, from the far-flung street corners of their birth countries to the land where they found their voices. Theirs is both a personal and universal journey that resonates no matter your language, location or lineage.

Videos by Los Poetas