Lone Wolf OMB (one man band)

Performed in Sofar Miami

It all started when Bruno was a boy. After asking for a guitar for his birthday, his mother gave him a $5 harmonica (which she later regretted). Knowing very little about this instrument, Bruno went to a local record shop and saw a cover of a Jimmy Reed album in which he was wearing a harmonica holder and playing guitar at the same time. Fascinated by this image, Bruno scrounged enough change to buy the record, went home and listened to it. What he heard changed his life forever—the boy was blown away with the sound of the blues and soon tried to replicate it. As the years passed he got work in the pizzerias (which his italian paisans always hooked him up with) and saved enough money to buy an electric bass guitar. Soon after, he started forming Punk bands such as Kleenkut, Los Humaniax, Psychobilly band The Van Orsdels and sometimes filling in for UFC. Bruno always loved instruments and would buy (or make) as many as he could. Sometime later, while living in Georgia, Bruno hooked up with local bluegrass veterans David Thompson and Benny Rose from Due South Band and was exposed to a style that captured his heart and passion. Though he played upright bass in the band, he would always mess with a banjo and take it to work. While on his break, Bruno would pick tunes. One day, one of the dish washers (at the time 73 year old Bobby Ford) showed him clawhammer—a style that was used long ago in minstrel banjo playing. As Bruno practiced this new found technique, his thumb would always hit the snare of the banjo when he played and it would sound like there was a drum being played along with it, which made his style unique. He took it to the streets to study people’s reactions to the sound. The public reacted well to what he was doing and he would make decent money busking wherever he went. After trying to form a good band, he grew frustrated with the difficulty of finding the right people or having to travel hours to rehearse. As a result, he began playing by himself and writing songs while playing banjo, resonator guitar, lowebow, bass drum, snare, high hat, crash symbol and harmonica. The sound was full and sounded like a full band, so he decided to do it all himself and form a One Man Band (omb). LONE WOLF was born! His love for the blues, Appalachian, and Punk really stand out in his music.

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