Little Pony

Performed in Sofar Naples

Like a backwards version of the film “Down by law”, the street artist and saxophone player from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ryan spring Dooley, having danced around most of Italy's boot harvesting in his accent, a multitude of dialects and local slang, ends up in Naples where he encounters two street musicians, Marco Guerriero e Fulvio Laudiero. In 2017 take over at drums Valerio De Martino that bring his experience of multi instrumentalist musician and a more energetic sound. The three form a band called Little Pony whose music would sound pretty nice in the above mentioned film by Jarmusch. Little Ponies music bends the American standards, winding through blues, jazz, funk, always in a peculiar way transmitted through the punkish street musician approach of this sax, bass and drum trio. The lyrics lean towards spoken word and a sure son of some backwards hip hop tradition putting emphasis on the whimsical and poetic linguistic hybrid of the singers Italian/American upbringing. Experimenting outside of any era or trend, Little Pony are able to evoke many different styles and influences that bend into the twisted blues of groups like Morphine, the joyful mellow of Soul Coughing, the sharp muscle of the Minutemen and the urgency of the Violent Femmes.

Videos by Little Pony