Lilly Rox

Performed in Sofar Miami

Three years old, swinging on the back yard swing set, I first gained insight into the power of music. I learned that as long as I sang to the bees they were uninterested in stinging me. Armed with this powerful medicine I began my relationship with music. My first freestyle was recorded on a rectangular tape player with press down buttons at age five. It was a love song. I have no idea where I gained my perspective for the lyrics at that age. I still own the cassette with this recording. I picked up the guitar at age 13 and learned a large body of songs, until someone tuned it and I lost my entire guitar repertoire. After living in the mountains of Idaho at age 15 for life training, I returned to Florida and picked up my beautiful accomplice once again. I began writing songs as a way to make light of things, or so I thought. It turned out that most of my songs that were written looking out turned into great tools of advice for looking into moments of my life I had no idea I would encounter. My songs are mostly lyrical, due to my halted start at guitar playing. My guitar is my boat upon which I float my songs. My desire for improving myself, relationships, and the world at large has set me sailing far and wide. I now sail across the seas of abundance and scarcity, singing songs of truth. Truth is like a fish but I don't use a hook and line; these fish have their own journey. They jump into my lap, into my guitar, out of my heart, out of the sea I float upon, and they become immortal. Singing my songs fulfills my duty to these fish who wish to be known, heard, understood, and felt. I float through many sea changes yet my duty still strives to deliver my fish to hungry ears, trampled hearts and seeking spirits. Thank you for existing and receiving. My existence would be less without you, the lesson.

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