Las Boyamas

Performed in Sofar Hanoi

A four piece vintage experimental folk rock band. Freewheelin' Conor Pelan - vocal and guitar - an Irish actor/musician coming from a traditional folk and blues background, Phương Anh Khổng, "Pak" - vocals and keyboard - a Vietnamese experimental singer in electronic and folk, Dan Stone - drummer - from America, with a love of rock, folk and jazz and Rivers Moore - bassist - another American with a love of classic rock. Together, the band brings a delicate balance of the body of rock, maintains the soul of the blues and drives modern experimental music. Born in Dublin and grew up in Belfast. Freewheelin' Conor Pelan, an Actor/Musician. Trained as an actor at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and then then toured with No Fit State's circus show 'Lexicon' as an actor/musician. A lover of folk and blues. Now living in Hanoi, a teacher by day and a musician by night. Dan Stone, a drummer from America, picked up the drumsticks for the first time when he was 12 years old and he's never put them down since. From rock bands to folk bands, to jazz bands, to marching bands, and concert bands - from drumsets, to hand drums, Dan aims to use his experience to influence the unique sound of Las Boyamas.

Videos by Las Boyamas