Performed in Sofar Naples

The attic (la mansarda in Italian) isn’t just a place where four guys from the suburbs of Naples met for the first time one day during summer 2013; it is also the incubator where shared musical inspirations and prolific dissonances ended up originating a common project. The name they gave it – Lamansarda – soon became a paradoxical declaration of intent: the attic’s domestic dimension, where their music takes its shape, blends with unfamiliar vibes and immigrant sounds. American folk is only the starting point of a research that travels along different paths, where the technique of fingerpicking chases phantasmatic guitars, bumping erratically into wind instruments and keyboards, as to become something essentially different. In the summer of 2017 the band joins the I Make Records roster and records its debut album Foreign Bodies during summer 2018. Lamansarda is the everyday work of two brothers, Antonio (lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, harmonium) and Lorenza Acconcio (bass, violin), Fabrizio D’Andrea (electric and acoustic guitar) and Alessandro Bocchetti (drums, percussions).

Videos by Lamansarda