Performed in Sofar Jakarta

Kurosuke (Taken from Kuro Susu Keju, Bandung Street Food) is a Solo Project by Anomalyst’s Christianto Ario Wibowo. It took ario two hours to write all the songs, and then he spent 3 days to record the record. He played all the instruments himself. Blending Ecletic Pop with a hint of Japanese’s AOR Music and 80s Synth Pop, Kurosuke easily become an indie sensation. The song “ Tapestry” became viral and hits 20,000 listeners in just a day. Many of the songs are inspired by a true life events and heavily influenced by his sleeping trouble. In April 2018 Kurosuke released a music video for “Glitches” directed and shot by Danilla Riyadi.

No videos are available yet for Kurosuke