Performed in Sofar Valencia

After two years touring around the world and spending a lot of time on the road, Koncept is now positioned right where he needs to be with his new album, "Champagne Konny." With such a long time spent overseas, reflecting on everything that brought him here, Champagne Konny is everything that led you to now. The wins, each time you missed or failed, and an emphasis on being thankful for it all. This is the celebration of being yourself with the flaws, strengths and everything in between. The lead single is Watch The Sky Fall 2 featuring Royce da 5’9, which the original was the lead single on Koncept’s debut album, Awaken. The inspiration for the re-work came from tapping into where it all started for him, that same passion and love, but with a zest for new life, adding in a new verse, and a new sound sonically. Koncept brings his smooth effortless sounding East coast flavor that has passion, pain and love, and a moving energy that makes you inspired to go achieve all your own goals while you listen to this album. Koncept said: “When life seems to be falling apart and you’re feeling broken, you need to catch it, rebuild it, and make it stronger than you ever once believed it could be.” This whole album was created on moods. There were no beats made, no rhymes written before going into the studio each day. Every song was created in the moment from beginning to end. Koncept created this album with his team in South Central, Los Angeles at Lowe Key Studios with producer Wrist, and engineer, Mark "Keitel Jr." Lowe, George Reichart, with additions from Bradley "Hugh" Denniston, and Karma from South Korea. Play it from start to finish. This is an experience. A moment in time. An energy and mood that can't be duplicated or replaced.

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