Performed in Sofar Oslo and Gothenburg

KitFai is a band from Oslo, Norway, who combines melodic and energetic rock with large soundscapes and melancholic undertones. They formed in 2013, and have since released an EP named “Grip” and the singlee “Down” and “In Every Way”. All of these recordings were produced at Urban Sound Studios in collaboration with Thomas Wang. KitFai are currently recording their debut-album. Both the “Grip”-EP, “Down” and “In Every Way” received positive reviews and airtime on Norwegian national radio. Positive feedback and concerts across Norway, earned the band spots at festivals like OverOslo, Slottsfjell and Pstereo in the summer of 2016. KitFai: Bodil Kvangarsnes, Rein Blomquist, Andreas Engeseth, Markus Lind Aase and Arne Steinar Myrvang.

Videos by KitFai