Performed in Sofar Jakarta

KimoKal is the recording name of the duo, Kimo Rizky and Kallula Harsynta Esterlita conjoined. Boldly stalking out from a different depth of Indonesia's music scene and transcends any notions of genre, drawing from psychedelic, nu-wave, dub, electronic, nu-disco, ballad, and pop but refusing to be attributed to one particular tag whilst conveying an impressive collage of electronic textures simultaneously. Although Kallula's music and vocal background are rooted to pop, ballad and a touch of shoegaze with a sense of self-possessed and nonchalant lyrics, Kimo's influences can be pinpointed to the heights of the sixties and seventies era. KimoKal's music is an evolving obsession of conjuring lucid spaces and voyages through a style, which his at times melancholy, propulsive and serene. At once versatile yet eminently listenable as vivid and recognizable as electronic pop.

Videos by KimoKal