Kiéla Adira

Performed in Sofar Chicago

Kiéla Adira is a 23 year old teaching and performing artist from the South Side of Chicago. In May of 2018, she graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio with a BA in Theater and Africana Studies with a concentration in the performing arts. While away at school, Kiéla realized that she could no longer keep putting herself in a box. By the time she was a graduating senior, she discovered that she was more than just a student, creative director, singer/songwriter, choreographer, and entertainer; she is a community leader whose strives to bring positive changes to the world and to those around her. Aside from being a freelance teaching and performing artist in Chicago and internationally, Kiéla is also currently working on her first music project that will follow her video project entitled ""Nice 4 What- A memory video,"" which was released the summer post graduation. She dedicated the concept video to the womyn/femmes of color in Oberlin's community that played a vital role in getting her through four stressful years at a predominantly white institution in the middle of nowhere. That uplifting piece of art was all the proof she needed that whatever she puts her mind to could and would come into fruition. With that being said, her 4 to 5 song EP will also be followed by visuals that she will direct herself. Kiéla is also a member of CLR (pronounced ""color""), an artist collective that stands for ""Creative Life Restored,"" alongside Daniella Hope and Andre Jamal. The three solo artists, scholars, and graduates of Oberlin have a passion for creating meaningful and powerful work that gives back to the communities that continue to pour into them. Kiéla, as well as CLR, have a mission to produce art that inspires, heals, and makes you feel something. You can follow Kiéla (kiela.adira) via Instagram to stay updated on her work!

No videos are available yet for Kiéla Adira