Kaylyn Marie was a 8 months old when she completed her first cross country road trip. She grew up traipsing coasts with her brothers and USCG Commander father. Her varicolored upbringing has largely shaped her varietal artistry and multi-genre music making. When you catch her solo, you can expect echoes of 60s Greenwich Village soulful folk to 70s Laurel Canyon witchy rock, paired with something entirely her own. When you catch her band project, The Wildlings, you’re encouraged to wear your retro best as they play originals with bits of blues, jabs of jazz, and snippets of swing encouraging everyone but, especially ladies, to share their truth more freely. Her ability to perform any style with distinct authenticity, vocal prowess, and candid lyricism, leaves audiences of all ages feeling they’ve been in the company of an old soul and sincere pal. Some highlights of her pursuits as a music maker and actor include becoming a graduate of Marymount Manhattan's BFA Acting Program, an alumnus of Joe's Pub's Working Group and Sofar Sounds, an Amish Witch on Lifetime TV, and a Hollywood week finalist on American Idol XV.

Videos by Kaylyn Marie