Performed in Sofar Naples

Teresa Capuano, in art “Katres”, born in Catania( Sicily) but soon after she moves to Naples where she lives since then. “Farfalla a Valvole” – her first album – is born in September 13, 2013 and the single is “Coiffeur”. Her story as musician is older. At 12 she starts playing guitar and, after a while, she finds herself as a composer/songwriter. Personality, passion and grace breath all together in her lyrics and music which often tell about feminine universe by wit and sentimentalism. After about 150 gigs to Italy and Europe. Araba fenice is the new released produced by Daniele Sinigallia at 2018 and she's openact of " Vietato Morire tour of Ermal Meta. Now she's writing for a new album.

Videos by Katres