Performed in Sofar Kuala Lumpur

Jumero, consisting of three members, was officially formed in September 2012 when they had their debut performance at Urbanscapes after winning the Star R.age competition. Since then, they have played at multiple venues, events, and music festivals such as the Island Music Festival 2013, Indie PG 2013, Guinness Amplify 2014, Urbanscapes 2014, My Music Festival 2015, TEDxYouth@SKIS 2015, and the ICSF 2015 in Korea The trio harmonizes their way through their original songs and arrangement of covers. Apart from their passion of writing and releasing original music, the trio also enjoy covering current as well as older classic songs whilst adding their personal touch to it. On the 21st of August, 2015 Jumero released their debut album “stepping stones”.

No videos are available yet for Jumero