Joules The Fox

Performed in Sofar Cologne, Utrecht, Gothenburg and Hamburg

JOULES THE FOX is a singer, songwriter, producer but above all a wanderer. These last years she roamed through various countries playing over 200 stages, ships and shops, writing many songs and singing, ah well, all the time. Her debut BLUE HOUR will take you with her on her tours ... to a little island at dawn, over to a windy city, down winding roads and up the hill to the fox’ burrow - where wild berries and AVOCADO trees grow! Joules is journeying with Guitar, Harmonizer and Looper - a true one-fox-band. IndieFolkAmericanaPopYouNameIt - of growing up and apart, decisions and consequences, new beginnings and old friends - and of FRECKLES; for this ginger Fox hasn’t got any! But she has got a voice of many shapes and colours, warmth and brilliance. So Joules, her songs and stories sure do stay in the ear and the heart.

Videos by Joules The Fox