Jordan DePaul

Performed in Sofar Chicago, NYC and Indianapolis

Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, Jordan DePaul is a singer-songwriter that recently made the move to Nashville, TN. Pulling from his life experiences and using them to captivate audiences through passionate, high-energy performances, DePaul's music is rootsy and organic in nature, allowing him to deeply connect with his audience. Although his music is no stranger to the subjects of love and heartbreak, which surfaces in the track "Adeliene, the Farmer's Daughter," he pulls from other life experiences as well. The track "Tooth & Nail" shows the raw emotion in DePaul's writing. "I wrote Tooth & Nail when I was going through a pretty rough time. I was a little frustrated and fed up for a bit there; at a number turns my life had taken. I just wanted to have something, anything, to define me." His first ever, solo EP, "Troubles I Had," is just that. Each track gives the listener a deeper look into DePaul's soul, his heartache, and even his ignorance. However, his lyricism tells a truth so many tend to ignore.

Videos by Jordan DePaul