Jeremy Ferrara

Performed in Sofar Seattle and Portland, OR

What good is a song if it doesn’t make you feel something? Jeremy Ferrara knows this, and refuses to waste a minute of your time. His staggeringly sincere songs are made to wash 10-foot waves of emotion over listeners. His unique songwriting style features unabashed poetic professions of his most vulnerable moments and intimate inner thoughts. Ferrara’s debut full-length album “With Every Change” finds him inviting us to follow along as he wanders through a broad spectrum of feelings. His endearingly forthright lyrics are driven by modern indie hooks paired with timeless, tender, folky sounds. Open tunings and fingerpicking are sprinkled throughout Ferrara’s works, giving them a classic and comforting sort of twang. At the heart of Ferrara’s work, you will find… well, Ferrara’s own heart. His open-hearted songwriting lays all to bare and takes no shame in doing so.

Videos by Jeremy Ferrara