Jed Appleton

Performed in Sofar Trieste, London and Leeds

If you haven’t heard the name Jed Appleton yet, you’re about to. One of the young, rising stars of the nu-folk revolution, Jed has been hard at his craft since hitting the streets at 13, leaving school at 16 to fascinate crowds with his stripped back and pensive song writing, capturing the ears of many, from street corners to sold out shows extensively lapping Australia, United Kingdom & Europe multiple times. Much like Tasmania itself, Jed Appleton’s music is imbued with a certain melancholy. Sounding far more mature than his years, Jed’s tunes start off like many other folk songs, but once they get going tend to give you a big old punch in the heart-strings. His vocals are raw, and his lyrics are packed with a certain youthful enthusiasm for travel and the world that can only come from one not yet lost in the cynicism of adulthood.

Videos by Jed Appleton