Jamie Hannah

Performed in Sofar NYC

Jamie Hannah is a 21 years old singer/songwriter currently living in London. His trademark distinctive voice has a huge range with a soaring falsetto. He is thrilled to have been working with Benny D at Powerstudio on the London Artist Development Programme since 2017 to produce his debut EP due to be released in 2019. Benny D is an Award-nominated producer, having worked with artists including Stormzy and Kylie Minogue. In recent months Jamie has been collaborating with Boy George on a couple of his songs and working with David Grant on expanding his own pop vocal skills. Having been trained in opera, Jamie has taken influences from many genres. These juxtaposing colors have given Jamie’s music unforgettable melodies. Over the course of 2018, Jamie has been performing in a variety of venues around London, including The Ned, Camden Assembly and Tramp members club, as well as performed on tour with Heather Small on the Voice of M People tour!

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