Performed in Sofar Charlotte

Jahlistic is a 4-piece Latin, Reggae Roots band based from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their sound is easy identified by the heavy Drum and Bass driven structures, Smooth Soulful Voices, and a strong Reggae Roots Rhythm Section. Their sound is also highly influenced by their Latin Roots as three of the members are from South America. The concept of “Jahlistic” was born in 2007 when brothers Ezequiel Aloise and Joel Aloise put a band together to perform in a talent show. During this time, the brothers were still discovering their musical identity and their mission with music. Lead singer, Tania Aloise came along in 2011 when she married Joel Aloise. The band took form, and they started performing in local events from time to time. Many musicians passed through the band, but it was not until 2013 when Josh Livingston (Guitarist) joined the band, and Jahlistic was officially formed. Since then, Jahlistic has been creating original music and performing regularly in the Carolinas as well as other states.

Videos by Jahlistic