Jacob McCoy feels like home, no matter where you’re from. There’s a warmth that accompanies his music—from his raw vocals to the vulnerability and honesty of his lyrics—that envelops the listener. Particularly, the title song of his new album, Questions, invites you to not only engage with the tracks and experiences they speak of but also make them your own. McCoy’s new album is a glass of good whiskey: it will warm your bones through and through and be the salve you didn’t know you needed for wounds you didn’t know you still had. Jacob McCoy’s stripped-down brand of Americana is one that easily puts first things first and gives you an indelible sense of having planted your own roots firmly alongside his. Having moved from Texas to Oklahoma and now settling in Nashville for a second time, McCoy understands the true lodestar of home and family. Each time you listen to him, you find your way back, too.

Videos by Jacob McCoy